Christian GARNIER, France Nature Environnement

Christian Garnier graduated from the ECP (Ecole Centrale Paris) as an engineer and obtained his degree in Public Economics from Sciences Po in Paris. He participated in the Conferences on Environment and Development in Stockholm (1972) and Johannesburg (2002).
He is the Co-Founder of the federation France Nature Environnement (FNE) in which he occupies positions as Director, Vice-President and Honorary Member.  He is a member of Bretagne Vivante.
He initiated and coordinated the campaign ‘1000 Communes for the European Environment’, for which he received the European Year Award for the Year of the Environment by the European Parliament.
He is a member of the FNE steering group at the Environment Grenelle, in charge of the Energy-Climate Committee.
He is the FNE coordinator for the Sea Grenelle.
He coordinated the FNE conference on ‘Biodiversity and Development, a crucial stake for our overseas territories’ (CESE, 2011).

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