Francis VALLAT, French Maritime Cluster

Francis Vallat is Honorary President of the Institut Français de la Mer, IFM (French Institute of the Sea), which he ran for six years. The IFM is an organisation working in the public interest on maritime safety and affairs.
Francis Vallat is the Founding President of the ‘French Maritime Cluster’, which develops synergies and solidarity between 280 interested parties from various maritime backgrounds. He also presides over the ‘European Network of Maritime Clusters’.
He represented France at the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) until 2012. He was President of the EMSA in 2005, and Vice-President for six years. Having been an exemplary shipowner for 27 years, he called for the authorities to declare war on floating ‘rust buckets’ as early as 1990. He produced a plethora of articles, mainly on maritime safety.

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