Yann RABUTEAU, Lawyer maritimiste network

Yann Rabuteau has an advanced degree in law specialising in maritime activities from the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO), Brest (1997). He is an expert in pollution law and marine environmental law. Having gained a wide range of experience in various roles (law firm, specialised legal services), he founded ALLEGANS in 2003, a legal research agency specialising in maritime and coastal activities, and in the protection of the marine environment.  He was highly involved in the Erika case where he intervened as an expert in the field of compensation for damages before the Fipol, and in the search for liabilities.
In his quality as a researcher, he is associated to the UMR AMURE (UBO, Brest) where he is lecturing on pollution law as part of the advanced degree course MII DEAM.

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